Polyvore.com was hands-down the best website to ever exist on the internet. It was an online community centered around my two favorite things: fashion and collaging.
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Oh and by the way: kindly eat my dick, SSENSE. When will the $$$ y'all get from fashionable twitter users ever come close to the value of Polyvore? Just kidding, because we all know the answer: she was invaluable.
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Here I've created a *very* basic drag-and-drop Polyvore outfit set maker... Just something to scratch that set-making itch. I was able to pull up my old Polyvore account on the Wayback Machine to download some of my old favorited items. That's right, these are all authentic vintage Polyvore jay-pegs from my own page. Many of these items are so iconic to me it's unreal. I'll keep digging to find my old Polyvore sets if I'm able...